Atkinson McLeod - March 2013 Newsletter
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Atkinson McLeod - March 2013 Newsletter

In our first article this month, we look at some alarming news concerning thousands of buy-to-let borrowers who are set to receive a huge hike in their mortgage rate with little warning.

We have covered stories concerning HMRC in previous months. In our second article we look at the sale of buy-to-let properties that will fall under the scrutiny of HMRC’s ‘Property Sales Campaign’. Death and taxes…

Finally we take a look at an inquiry into the private rented sector, being held by the Communities and Local Government Committee, to see if licensing of landlords is advantageous.

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Huge mortgage hike for thousands of buy-to-let borrowers

Taxman launches campaign to target buy-to-let sellers

Licensing of landlords not necessary, MPs are told

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