Atkinson McLeod - December 2012 Newsletter
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Atkinson McLeod - December 2012 Newsletter

In an economy full of uncertainty, more landlords are retaining their properties at retirement age as opposed to cashing them in and investing funds into alternative income producers. Our first article this month looks at a recent survey highlighting this trend.

‘Creative’ schemes set to minimalise tax liabilities for both private individuals and companies have received a fair amount of media exposure in recent months. In our second article, we look at a new special taskforce set up by HMRC to tackle tax cheats in the rental sector.

Finally we take a look at the importance placed by prospective tenants on mobile phone reception in rented properties and the damage that inadequate provision could have on potential demand.

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More landlords relying on property for their pensions

Taxman announces crackdown on south east landlords

Half of tenants would not take a property with poor mobile coverage

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