Atkinson McLeod - May 2012 Newsletter
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Atkinson McLeod - May 2012 Newsletter

Make no mistake about it, the buy-to-let market is gaining some serious momentum right now. As seen in our first article this month, loan levels are soaring and it seems like everyone wants a piece of the action. As an investment proposition, buy-to-let, quite clearly, is back. Our second article focuses on a shock decline in London house prices during March. Prices fell by 1.8% in the capital according to data from definitive house price index, the Land Registry. Why did this happen and is it the beginning of a downward trend? Finally, any landlords thinking about ousting their long-term tenants to cash in on the Olympics — as has been reported in the news in recent weeks — are a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic. Take it from us: short-termism like that will only ever result in long-term pain. As ever, if you’ve got any questions or feedback, please call us or drop us a line. Alternatively, just drop into your local branch of Atkinson McLeod. Best regards, Giles Atkinson and Dan McLeod

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