Atkinson McLeod - February 2012 Newsletter
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Atkinson McLeod - February 2012 Newsletter

Ok, first the bad news. The UK economy slowed sharply towards the end of 2011, falling from +0.6% in the third quarter to -0.2% in the fourth. Now the good news. Yields, according to specialist buy-to-let lender, Paragon Group, rose faster than an Italian skipper can jump into a lifeboat. That’s the subject of our first article. Our second article addresses something that’s as certain as death, taxes and ministers dodging speed fines (allegedly – ed): the fact that each month the Nationwide and Halifax house price indices will contradict each other. We explain why you should forget the pair of them. In our third article, we highlight how what’s happening in Europe right now will affect the property market back in the UK. If Greece defaults, a domino effect could ensue and the ‘wholesale’ lending markets could grind to a halt, making borrowing far harder. But is this necessarily a bad thing for landlords? As ever, if you’ve got any questions or feedback, please call us or drop us a line. Alternatively, just drop into your local branch of Atkinson McLeod. Best regards, Giles Atkinson and Dan McLeod

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