Atkinson McLeod - November 2011 Newsletter
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Atkinson McLeod - November 2011 Newsletter

If you have a smartphone, then you may finally have a use for the stopwatch function in it. New research from property company, Countrywide, shows that demand for rental properties is so strong that homes are being let in record time. This mad dash for rentals will be music to the ears of every landlord and is the subject of our first article. With strong achievable rents and properties being snapped up in no time, it’s no surprise more and more landlords are going bananas for buy-to-let. New research out from the Council of Mortgage Lenders last week showed that the number of buy-to-let loans increased by 16% in the third quarter of this year. We take a closer look at the numbers in our second article. In our third article, we ask why London house prices, at a time when Rome is burning and Athens has barbarians at the gate, are managing to defy market conditions and are continuing to rise. Will prices in the capital soon come crashing back down to earth or is this a sustainable trend? As ever, if you’ve got any questions or feedback, please call us or drop us a line. Alternatively, just drop into your local branch of Atkinson McLeod. Best regards, Dan McLeod and Giles Atkinson

Tenants in Mad Dash for Rentals

Landlords Go Bananas over Buy-to-Let

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