Atkinson McLeod - August 2011 Newsletter
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Atkinson McLeod - August 2011 Newsletter

Welcome to our latest newsletter, where we start by explaining why some landlords are, how can we put this, total fruitcakes. Our second article will be music to the ears of all landlords, however, as it explains why more and more tenants are opting for that holy grail, the long-term let. Last but by no means least, we wrap up with a quasi-philosophical analysis of the paradigm shift that has occurred within the UK property market — and why landlords are the winners. Now you’d be really crazy not to read this. As ever, if you’ve got any questions or feedback, feel free to call or drop us a line. Alternatively, just drop into your local branch of Atkinson McLeod. Best regards, Dan McLeod and Giles Atkinson

ARLA you crazy?

Long live the long let

Paradigm shift

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