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Tax relief blow for landlords

Interest rates could rise in the New Year, warns Bank of England

Landlords on the brink of bankruptcy

Tenant in illegal sub-let scam jailed for eight months

Just weeks to protect deposits or risk a fine

Most tenants are perfectly happy with their landlords

Rents up 2.1% in the past year

Cheap buy-to-let mortgage deals on the rise

Cannabis tenant blames landlord

Pension saving concerns for one in five

Bank of England eyes buy to let 'intervention'

Disgraced landlord quits as parliamentary candidate

Homes earning more than homeowners in a fifth of the UK

Victory for landlords regarding selective licensing

Rogue agent who defrauded landlords of £50,000 “can only repay £3,000”

Pension reforms to give buy-to-let extra boost

Landlord ordered to pay £300k for “huge mistake”

Landlords will leave market if rent controls introduced

£138,000 penalty for landlord's illegal bedsits

West Brom building society in court over rate hike

Tenants should be offered indefinite tenancies, says think tank

Abbot calls for rent controls at 50% of annual council tax bill

Suspended sentence for plumber who deceived landlords

Landlord made £40k a year in rent from property with tree growing through wall

Holloway landlord handed record £280k fine

Renters to outnumber homeowners in 104 seats by 2021

Landlords ‘fessing up to tax evasion

HMRC offers landlords one last chance

Labour plans would be death knell for rented housing, says RLA

Southwark consults on selective licencing

Landlords enjoying "record income from letting"

Property Alert service proves popular in the fight against property fraud.

Rogue landlord fined more than £30,000

Taxman aggressively targets BTL landlords

Landlord launches legal fight against council licensing

Home Office issues guidance for checking tenants’ immigration status

London Borough Council clamps down on rogue landlords

Licensing go ahead in London Borough

Rents up but incomes up too

Landlords to take act as border control from October

Rent controls won’t work, says Hopkins

Landlords to get tax training

Buy-to-let “outstanding investment of the past 18 years”

First-time buyers and buy-to-let both up, say CML

Landlord fined £12,000 for not having a licence

Beds-in-sheds landlords gets record fine

Enfield Council backs licence plans

London council plans to fine “buy-to-leave” investors

Landlords “hounded by councils” says Telegraph

Another HMRC clampdown on landlords

Essex landlord fined £12,000 for fire and gas offences

Carney rules out early rate rise

East End landlords fined £14,760 for fire hazard

Prescott says “Rachmanism” is back

House price bubble fears dismissed by Cameron

Landlord ordered to repay £300,000 following illegal house conversions

Landlords warned about 2014 base rate hike

90,000 new property millionaires created in 2013

More than 2 million foreign landlords invest in UK property

Buy-to-let lending to increase 25% in 2014

Lenders target accidental landlords

“Buying frenzy” in London

Landlord fined £2,000 for “unreasonable delay” on urgent repairs

Lender tells buy-to-let borrowers of 2% hike in rates

HMRC tells landlords they're in the last chance saloon

Government set to back down on immigrant checks, claim

Sellers return to the housing market as prices rise

Mortgages at their most affordable for 14 years

Buy-to-let mortgage market booming

Buy-to-let mortgage lending bounces back to highest in five years

Housing market on road to recovery

Taxman amnesty deadline closes for landlords who have not declared gains

Regulator to probe buy-to-let mortgage contracts

More people desert home ownership to become tenants

Land Registry throws its house price records open for free

Boris is told to introduce rent controls in London

One in four landlords set to expand portfolios

Five await sentencing after massive buy-to-let fraud

Bank of Ireland could face legal action from borrowers

Frustration over plans to make landlords vet immigrant tenants

Woman landlord who cheated taxman told to repay £500,000

Agent who cheated landlords and tenants goes to jail

Giant insurer Pru targets buy-to-let market

Red tape alert - is compulsory licensing going to become a reality?

Huge mortgage hike for thousands of buy-to-let borrowers

Taxman launches campaign to target buy-to-let sellers

Licensing of landlords not necessary, MPs are told

HMRC slammed for going after law-abiding landlords

Landlord licensing scheme branded a costly fiasco

Accidental landlords are getting serious, says Rightmove

Landlords hit out at 'expensive' buy-to-let lenders

Red tape warning! First blanket licensing scheme launches in Newham

Growth in buy-to-let yields attracts investors pulling out of stock market

More landlords relying on property for their pensions

Taxman announces crackdown on south east landlords

Half of tenants would not take a property with poor mobile coverage

Buy-to-let lending on road to recovery

City rents to go on rising for years to come, says housing guru

Tenant arrears at highest in four years

Are falling house prices causing BTL yields to increase?

Taxman announces new clampdown on Stamp Duty avoidance

Landlord hit with record fine of £1.4m

Investors' yields edge up as rents keep rising

BTL mortgages still only a third of its peak, say lenders

Rent arrears become a problem for half of landlords

Rating agency scores UK buy-to-let industry strongly

Buy-to-let borrowers told to move on by lenders

MP's look to control private rented sector

Is renting replacing home ownership?

Rents yields strengthening

Huge drop in buy-to-let mortgage deals

Tube Proximity Means A Premium

Tenants And Take-home Pay

London Borough Breakdown

Boom-time for Buy-to-let

London Prices Under Pressure

Beware the Olympic White Elephant

Property market? Pure codswallop!

B2L Mortgage Round-up

B2L: From Hero to Zero and Back Again

Striking the right rent balance

Buy-to-let and the Budget

London prices defy gravity

Yields Continue to Climb

The House Price Conundrum

Why the Eurozone matters

Will it be Gold, Silver or Bronze for house prices in 2012?

Yields Go Through the Roof

New Year, New Lease of Life for Buy-to-Let

Sell? No Thanks, say Landlords

Rising Rents can be a Double-Edged Sword

2012 forecast? Call in Russell Grant!

Tenants in Mad Dash for Rentals

Landlords Go Bananas over Buy-to-Let

London House Prices To Defy Economic Conditions

Rate or slate?

London rents go through the roof

No more mortgage dead-end

Hasta la vista home ownership

Landlords investing in family-sized properties

Buy-to-let mortgages more and more attractive

ARLA you crazy?

Long live the long let

Paradigm shift

To renew or not to renew?

Portfolio opportunities for opportunistic landlords

Do Cycle Superhighways offer superlative rental returns?

What's the outlook for house prices?

So what's happening to rents?

The properties of property

Safe Subscription is ensured

Our News is individually relevant

Rising rents next year

Government accused of ignoring renters

Penalties if 'Right to Rent' rules aren't followed

Considering post-budget rent increases?

Winner or loser with the removal of wear and tear allowance?

More people predicted to rent than become a homeowner

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